Mountain Climbing Tips for Beginners

Mountain climbing is an outdoor activity that is fun, quite challenging and stimulates adrenaline. Although it is quite challenging, it seems that mountain climbing is quite popular with the people of Indonesia.

 But climbing mountains should not be taken lightly. Need special preparations that must be done by climbers, especially physical and mental condition that are fit. Underestimating the preparation can be fatal.

 If you want to climb a mountain, try to see the following tips for safe mountain climbing.

Check the location of the climb
Before starting the climb you are advised to check the climbing location first and know the climbing route to be traversed. Is the condition of the mountain when it is in good condition to be climbed or the condition of the mountain is on standby and is not suitable for climbing. (READ: Tips for Wearing Sunscreen for Mountaineers) Asking friends who have memorized the hiking trail is also important so that we are better prepared to pass the terrain.

Exercise at least a month before climbing
Climbing a mountain requires physical and mental fitness. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise a month before climbing. The usual exercise is usually jogging or running.

Bring important items
Climbing a mountain is not a picnic that everything must be taken. Choose luggage wisely. In addition to only adding to the burden of the bag, excessive carrying of goods can also hamper climbing, for example carrying a mat with a large roll.

Sleeping bags and tents
For bedding needed a tent and sleeping bag.
For tents, please bring tents according to the number of participants who took part. Bringing a tent too big can sometimes hamper climbing due to its weight. For sleeping bags, please bring quality sleeping bags that have been tested. In addition, carrying a mattress is also very important for sleeping needs. Because usually the land used as a base still feels cold despite using a sleeping bag.

Bring the jacket to the height
Jackets or warm clothes made from cotton or wool are good choices for climbing mountains. And remember not to bring a jacket or clothing made from jeans because this material does look strong and practical, but it is very difficult to dry when wet.

Adjust the type of backpack
Carrier or a large bag is the main equipment in the climb. Use a bag that suits your body. If you are small, it is recommended to use a bag that is not too big. Because excessive bag shape and weight can upset the balance when climbing.

Wear hiking shoes
The main activity in climbing a mountain is walking and protection of the feet must be properly addressed. The feet must be protected so as not to hurt during the trip. A pair of hiking shoes is perfect for foot protection when climbing.

Cooking and food supplies
Cooking equipment and adequate food is one of the equipment that must be brought when climbing. We recommend that climbers bring a practical portable gas stove. Also bring enough gas reserves for cooking.

First aid kit
First aid kit is equipment that must be brought by climbers, for example headache medicine, anti-hangover medicine, wind oil, bandages, and special medicines for sufferers of certain diseases.

Rain coat
Raincoats are needed to protect the body and the whole bag if it rains during the climb. Because often the weather on the mountain is less friendly and it rains quite heavily. If the rain is heavy enough, it’s good to stop for a moment and set up a temporary tent to shelter. Also avoid using cell phones or gadgets when it rains that have the potential for lightning.