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Choosing a Bag for Vacationing

When you are going on vacation, of course there are some items that must be brought before the holidays arrive. One that must be carried is a bag or suitcase. Did you know that out there are various choices of bags with a variety of tantalizing features. So consider some tips on choosing the right bag for your vacation below:

Wheels – After considering the size and weight of the bag, the next thing you should consider is the wheels in your bag. The wheels in the bag relate to your mobility, there are bags with two wheels and four wheels. Two-wheeled bags usually can only rotate back and forth and usually the wheels are hidden in the bag so that it takes up space and the wheels last longer. As for the 4-wheeled bag or commonly referred to as “spinner” the wheels can rotate 360 ​​degrees so that it can facilitate your mobility, but the wheels of this 4-wheeled bag take place and the wheels are easily damaged due to collisions.

Bag Size and Weight – The first thing you should do is consider the size and weight of the bag that you will carry. Because the weight and size of the bag certainly affects the trunk of the plane. The heavier your bag, the greater the amount of costs you have to pay to pay for baggage fees. Also, don’t forget to consider the size of the bag that you will carry because the airline also has a limit on the size of the bag that is allowed.

Color – Although it looks trivial, it helps you also pay attention to the color factor before buying a bag. You should buy a bag with a bright or colorful color because the bag will be easier to see and recognize. But if you want to buy a black bag with a common bag model, you should give a sign of a kind of colored ribbon to make it easier to recognize and avoid the risk of exchanging with others.

Bag Surface – Material used on the surface of the bag has various types. Some use hard but ultra-lightweight materials, such as polycarbonate and special plastics, to make bags that are very light but also very strong and durable. This hard surface ensures that your goods stay safe from collisions on the plane. However, this hard surface also makes your bag stiff and cannot be flattened or folded to fit into the aircraft’s top cabin. Also when packing, you might not be able to force the last clothes to fit in. If you want flexibility, a soft surface is your choice. This type of bag is lightweight, generally lighter than a bag with a hard surface. This makes these bags easier to press or fold to fit into the cabin.